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New York officials had less than 24 hours’ notice that Long Island City had been selected as Amazon’s HQ2. They had considerably more time to digest the possibility Amazon would […]

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With over 300 million people who actively use the app, Instagram has ascended to the top of the social media market. Facebook remains the reigning champion, but many agents and brokers have […]

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With over 300 million people who actively use the app, Instagram has ascended to the top of the social media market. Facebook remains the reigning champion, but many agents and brokers have […]

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With over 300 million people who actively use the app, Instagram has ascended to the top of the social media market. Facebook remains the reigning champion, but many agents and brokers have […]

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The homebuyer statistics clearly show millennials out-pacing other generations when it comes to buying a home. The global realty market is keeping an eagle eye on this huge consumer group […]